This weekend Huntington Beach hosts the Vans Van Doren Invitational. For an idea of what goes down, check out Curren Caples and Greyson Fletcher blasting at last year's event.

I'm praying for a Tony Trujillo sighting this weekend, I've been a fan since TNT had one of the most bad boy parts in one of the most bad boy TransWorld videos of all time, 2002's In Bloom.

The Van's roster of OG transition legends is second to none. How about Christian Hosoi for starters? Speed Freaks 1989.

And what about Jeff Grosso? He's still taking the piss and killing everything in sight. "Old timer's disease, homeboyee!" Here's his part from 1989's Streets On Fire, you might well recognize this track…

I wanted to post a Steve Caballero part last, as I was going through all his parts, I checked out the closing section of Animal Chin that he stars in with Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Tommy Guerrero  and realized it's never been posted on OBTFYTOTW! I've been blowing it! Get stoked on 12 minutes and 56 seconds of eighties awesome.