Any week that involves a new Manolo's Tapes has a lot going for it, this mix is especially special and features a skater who epitomizes grace and style, your weekend homework assignment is to learn the no comply variation at 1:08, it's impossible!

Another new release this week came from OBTFYTOTW favorite Raisinman with a thugged out King Raisin track dedicated to Andrew Reynolds.

Raisinman got me inspired on a heavy Reynolds tape viewing, his part from Birdhouse The End is still just as insane as the day it dropped.

Urban developers are trying to bulldoze the SouthBank in London, it's been a skate spot since the dawn of time. Learn more here: and listen to the Gonz telling you why:

In other matters of a Krooked nature, Chris Ray has started putting out little raw footage tapes of people he has filmed in the past, here is Mike Anderson Recaptured from NATV days: