Olivier Durou, Rave Skateboards’ Family & Friends Part

Being the oldest guy on a team doesn’t always mean being the least dedicated. Olivier is now 33 years old and is still the most determined guy when it comes to skating every type of spot. To understand a bit more how he ended up filming this video part for the upcoming RAVE Skateboards’ full length project Family & Friends, the guys from RAVE decided to hand us the report of his last meeting with Bordeaux’s infamous psychologist, Dr. Chapuis. 

Dr Chapuis: We’re today with patient Olivier Durou, 33 years old, from Bordeaux, France, suffering a highly developed HD phobia. First, how do you feel?
Olivier Durou: Good, I’m dealing with some ups and downs since I heard that the guys from Rave want to make this project called Family & Friends.

Hmm I see. So, you call this vision a project—tell me more about this project.
It seems that I can’t really distinguish DV from HD, sometimes I feel like the whole video is HD and only few of my tricks are stuck in DV mode. I know it sounds weird but that’s how I feel about it.

Alright. What about the treatment? Those HD pills I gave you, does it help?
Well, looks like it works a little bit, I can almost watch a whole HD head/foot/head video, but at some point I can’t get those The Reason clips out of my mind—and still the 411VM intro music is running through my brain every single minute. It’s getting really hard to keep concentrated about what’s new on Instagram.


Okay, maybe we can try another dosage, a bit stronger and try to make you see skateboarding as it really is nowadays. Tell me more about those french RAVE guys you see in your visions.
Well, there’re these two guys PJ and Leo, they have a bunch of crazy shit in it, seems like they both have full parts. Also I start seeing a lot of Mika’s tricks, I feel like he’s being little by little part of the trip. The rest of the crew consisting of Alex (Richard), François (Tizon), @yeahleyeah, Esdouaj (Depaz), Lucien (Genand) and Paul (Austin) seem to appear here and there in different locations such as Lyon, Barcelona, Lisboa, and Bordeaux of course.

So, from the start, we’re talking about what you see. Now, let’s talk about what you hear during these visions? Can you tell me anything special about that?
Seems like there’re multiple songs in the whole thing, seems pretty eclectic but at the same time it’s pretty homogeneous all together.

So what about this music? does it still run in your head during these visions?
Yeah all the time, but it’s like the first time I hear it, like if a lot of music bands made an exclusive song for the trip, and even my brother’s band was part of the project. I feel confused about that.

Okay, I’ll take note of all this. Now, do you think all of this really happened?
I… I really don’t know. It looks so real and at the same time, it’s kind of unbelievable…the Raskals… the Raskals they always do crazy stuff. There’s also Clement Le Gall, sometimes skating with all of us, sometimes taking pictures—makes no sense when I think about it. And at the same time when you look at this map you can see every single spot I see in my vision, it drives me mad. The end is pretty weird as well, I remember ending up in this kind of death row. It was so narrow it was hard for me to see how I could Ollie over those stairs to the light.

You told me about these visions but tell me more about what you call the “death row”?
Yeah it’s pretty hard to figure out what really happened, I was stuck in between two walls that were getting closer as I was going through the run up, at that point where I wasn’t able to breathe anymore. So I closed my eyes and tried to just jump as straight as I could, and as I was landing my Ollie, I realized it was just a dream and woke up hugging all these guys in a stinky street of Barcelona.

rave 2

Hmmm, well it’s pretty hard to believe actually, and what about your kleptomaniac habits? Do you still have stealing compulsions to take every rainbow rail you see?
To be honest I feel bad about this, I can’t help it! It happened again in Lyon and République (in Paris) and I can’t stop thinking about all these locals looking for a trendy spot to shoot their new Insta clip.

Ok, I heard you also try to make spots of something that wasn’t. Don’t you know this could be considered cheating?
Oh you’re talking about the pole?

Yes, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the only one? Am I wrong?
No, it’s such a shame I can’t skate spots just the way they are. I have to bend a pole, take off a sign, move a Jersey barrier. I think all of this started with this DIY trend, I don’t know, I think I felt invincible, but now I hear people talking about it and don’t really know how to feel—that’s why I’m talking with you right now I guess.


Yes but keep on going with this thing, How do you call it? Rave Skateboards?
Yeah, I don’t know, it’s more a feeling than a real thing, it’s like we’re all together on a same trip, everybody is wearing strange stuff like wigs and glossy glasses. It’s like an awake dreamy party with no end and as bizarre as it sounds, I feel good living this story with my guys.

Yeah… your guys… do you want to talk about some of the things that helped you since all of this started?
Yes, my family helps, my friends also and this guy Julio (from V7 distribution) who’s always there when I’m deep in it. I’m almost sure Toum and Aurel (who are associates of PJ on RAVE) are just part of my imagination ’cause I don’t see them as often as I used to during the trips, but still appreciate what they do to me.

Before we stop, I’d like you to say this is unreal and this whole crazy sessions never happened.
You know what? I definitely don’t want to believe life can exist without these crazy things I see. Sounds too boring actually.

Alright, that’s all for today. That’ll be 60€.
Thank you very much Doctor!

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Photos by @legallout, filming by @pjchapuis & @lucciii_


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