On The Radar: Mark Del Negro

Welcome to a newest segment on twskate.com, On The Radar. Similar to a Check Out, these are set up to let it be known who has been stacking heavy clips and those names that are about to become more and more familiar. We kick it off with Mark Del Negro who has had no trouble logging footage under a short amount of time. Feast your eyes on Mark’s new edit and stay tuned for more from the latest reading on the radar.

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Where are you from Mark?
Wilmington, Delaware.

Who's hooking you up right now?
Hopps Skateboards, Pusher Wheels, Nike Footwear, Helas Caps, Bones Swiss, Mighty Healthy, and Kinetic Skateshop.

How long has this part been in the works for?
It was filmed in the span of six months on and off, really going at it. I went out on a trip. Hung out. Then ended up staying longer than I was supposed to.

How long was the trip originally scheduled for?
I went in October and came back around April. It was supposed to be for two months in Shanghai and then a month on a little motorbike trip to Vietnam. The motorbike trip got pushed back so I ended up extending my stay for another three months.

Mark Del Negro. Noseslide. Wilmington, DE. PHOTO: Luke Darigan

Which zones did you hit?
Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

How did you get out to China? Was it a personal trip or did your sponsors send you out there?
I had a friend who lives there help me out. I grew up with him in Wilmington. He went out there for the experience and ended up just living there. He's was like "Yo, you should get out here. There's a lot of opportunities for skating, not even a bust." He said he'd help me and then Kinetic Skateshop said they'd help out too. I guess it was a gift in a way [laughs].

Any upcoming trips planned? What are you filming for next?
Trips, nothing crazy. Maybe a trip to L.A. Maybe go back to China if possible. Working on a Kinetic [skateshop] video. That will be tight. It’s going to be a full-length video. That will be coming out sometime next fall or winter. Be on the look out for "Something Sinister" for up and coming things.

Shout outs?
Family. Everyone looking out over the past year or so. My sponsors. Tommy Zhao for making it all happen. All the homies that have been backing me.