ourCaste QUICK CUT The Freedom of Youth

OurCaste has a new video with some ripping pool and full pipe skating:

“It’s early Sunday morning and we are setting off with a few skates, some broom shop specials and an eager crew in search of a good time, to be shared by just us. We found someplace special to call our own for a few hours early that Sunday afternoon & then another tucked away backyard little gem to see us off into the evening. A good friend of our’s (Ozzie) was eager to show us something we have all seen before in a light which we had not. Our guy Brooks was into capturing this unique moment on his Cannon EOS 1v. In between laughs and some stories of the legends that have taken place here before us, we all skated until our knees were bloody and in the end it was our dudes Shane Cox & Zach Miller who were shredding on another level.”