I took a trip home to Vermont with James (Buchmann) this past October to keep working on the upcoming Element video, and I couldn’t have imagined a better time to be there. The foliage was peaking when we arrived, and by the end of our two-week stay the streets and sidewalks were flooded with colorful leaves. Most of our mornings and late evenings were spent skating the new Andy A-Dog Williams memorial skatepark down at the Burlington waterfront with Jordan, Antonio, Collin and tons of young local rippers.

Funding for this park has been in the works for over ten years, and thanks to locals like Brendan Foster from Maven, Richard Bowen, and an amazing grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, the park has been finished. Between Talent and this new A-Dog park, skateboarders in Burlington will always have a place to go. —Chris Colbourn

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