Poods Park, the new Encinitas plaza is scheduled to open sometime this summer. Named after Ian “Poods” Barry, it’s huge, it’s a Godsend, and it’s thanks once again to Kanten Russell. We got the first crack at it and got some of Ian’s best friends and TWS staffers to break it in. Stay tuned for an official opening date, for now you’ll have to drool over this. Peep the photos.
Poods Forever!

The progressive concept via The Encinitas Skate Plaza Facebook page: Well over 10 years in the making The Encinitas Wheel Friendly Skate Plaza nears completion for an opening later this year. The goal was to have the most integrated skatepark possible by not making it a “skatepark.” It is a park you can skate in. By making this project Barrier Free, ADA accessible, Pedestrian and Spectator Friendly we are trying to change peoples views on what spaces for skateboarding can look like. By creating a plaza you can skate in but have it look and function like the most popular plazas that were not necessarily made for skateboarding from the past like the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco (EMB) or Love Park in Philadelphia we want to make this space as authentic as possible as a legitimate skate spot destination.

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Video by Cameron Holland