Plan B Demo Zumiez Couch Tour 2012: Portland

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest took a rain delay for a little bit in Portland, Oregon. As the black clouds descended on the Couch Tour parking lot, the skaters of the day were eager to rip but would have to quell their inner storms for a while. Tarps were brought out and spread with the quickness, there was no time lost by the Zumiez staff. Getting the course dried up and back in action was swift business. As the contest recommenced, the shredding had no signs of slowing. Anthony Grant ripped and shredded all day during the preliminary heats and sealed the deal with a nollie backside heelflip to back lip down the handrail.

The Plan B team was in full-effect with the likes of PJ Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, Trevor McClung, Felipe Gustavo and Ryan Sheckler taking to the street course. While Danny Way cleared out a path, Ryan Sheckler proceeded to kickflip up out of the bank ramp on the street course and into the masses of onlookers. Not satisfied, Ryan headed up to the biggest thing he could find and hardflipped off the deck to flat. Brother in arms, P-Rod joined him and the crowd was soon privy to a beautifully massive switch flip.