Poetic Collective MNMLSM

The new promo from Swedish brand Poetic Collective. The video and its new collection is inspired by the minimalism movement in the art world, hence the title “mnmlsm.” One of the most infuential artistis of the minimalisem movement was Yves Klein. Klein belived that by achiving the purest form of the blue primary color the painting would output enough energy on its own to capture and captivate its audience.¬† The video is an attempt to capture some of that energy and the ideas of Klein. It was filmed in Malm√∂, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg during 2016.

Samuel Norgren, hippie jump. Photo / Magnus Hove

Nils Lilja, frontside crooked grind. Photo / John Nordh.

Klas Andersson, car ride. Photo / Sarah Meurle

Photo / John Nordh