Politic’s Florida-to-Colorado transplant, Jonathan Ettman has this new part and an interview in our new issue. To give it some reference and to reveal some of Jonathan’s smooth-skating secrets, we caught up with him to find out why he still skates dead-stock Habitat kicks, what it’s like to have a pro model next to Renaud and Pepper, and more.—Blair Alley

Backside 180 fakie five-O. Denver, CO. Photo: Chris James

Is this video part a transition from winter to summer or something along those lines? Is there some kind of loose concept to it?
It naturally turned out that way. The idea was to show different spots outside of what people usually see a city known for. Every town has its gems if you're willing to look. I'd see spots to skate if I was hiking or exploring a new place, and I'd just make it a point to go back. You can skate the majority of the year if you want to, and don't mind the cold. The more we'd explore new areas, we found spots in small towns that are deserted if it's not the busy season. Then it started to become a blend of the two ideas.

Is most of the part filmed in old Habitat shoes? Are you sitting on a stockpile of those Habitat shoes for some reason?
For days. Habitat hooked me up for years and were generous when the shoes were happening. I got used to skating the same shoe forever. Been skating adidas lately. Feels crazy skating real shoes again.

You’ve got kind of a relaxed 90s flow, who influenced you when you started skating, and who influences you now?
Jake Rupp and Tim O'Connor. They have a way of making it look effortless and impossible at the same time. One with the board. Made me realize there was a different way to approach it, not just about the best trick. I don't watch much current skating. Friends inspire me more than anything lately. Trevor Thompson on WKND is killing it.

Where is this new part filmed? The spots are amazing…
Mostly Colorado, a little Miami as well.

What are the major differences in CO and Florida skating?
Actual seasons. You have to adjust to the slower pace of winter in CO, which I like. You can burn yourself out going non stop in FL, where it's summer all year.

How long have you been on Politic, and how did you get on the team?
Been with politic for a year or so. I was a part of The Vacation skateboards, until that dissipated. Then Politic offered to help me find a spot.

How does it feel to have a pro model alongside so many East Coast/Florida legends (Pepper, Quim, Caddo, Renaud)?
It's cool. They've all been a big influence on my skating. Renaud in Mosaic was the first part I ever saw. Everyone on Politic is unique in their own way, bringing their flavor to the mix. It ain't what ya do, it's how ya do it.

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