Possessed, a skate photography show that opened March 1 in San Jose, California at Jai Tanju’s Seeing Things gallery. Our Senior Photographer Dave Chami as well as Bryce Kanights, Joe Brook, Dave Chami, Rhino, Jon Humphries, Kyle Camarillo, Wes Tonascia, Chris Patton, Jai Tanju and Brendan Klein all have photos in the show. It will be on display until March 26. This night there was also a premiere for Justin Albert’s skate edit Tunnel Vision, a six minute video featuring Jake Gascoyne, Julian Quevedo, Miguel Valle, Joey Guevara, Wayne Nguyen, Lui Elliot, Shaun Baptista, Jazz Leeb, Josh Romero, Daryl Angel, Jonathan Perez, Barney Page, Mark Suciu, Erik Deringer, Ben Raemers and Brandon Nguyen.

Check out the show at 30 North Third Street, downtown San Jose, California
Video by Carson Lee