With the unfortunate passing of David Bowie yesterday, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite parts the Thin White Duke’s music has graced. He might be the most used artist in skate video history, honestly. At any rate, any part with a Bowie song had a little bit of magic. In no particular order:

Arto in Sorry. Two song banger.

Tom Penny was our hero in etnies’ High 5

Sretty Pweet – Jarc Mohnson by bringthatback
This was epic. MJ to Five Years in Pretty Sweet.

The Chocolate montage in Yeah Right!

Heath and Jeremy as Bowie and Mercury in The End.

Bryan Herman closes out Baker 3 with this classic.

MJ in Emerica Yellow.

Space age Steve Olson in Foundation’s Tentacles of Destruction.

Major Tom montage from Danny Minnick. Too good.

Willy Santos in the second Union Wheels video.

The French Connection in Fully Flared.

Chances are one of these skaters’ parts turned you onto Bowie. Rest in Peace, David, and thank you.
Honorable mentions we couldn’t find online: Wieger’s SB Chronicles 1 part, FTC Finally intro, 101 Falling Down intro. What’s your favorite Bowie-song part?