Partial team photo/still from the videos intro. From left: Julien, Frank, Tony, Andy, Jeff, Robbie, Raney, Hewitt, and Cardiel.

Partial team photo/still from the video’s intro. From left: Julien, Frank, Tony, Andy, Jeff, Robbie, Hewitt, T-Mo and Cardiel.

Last week Antihero dropped a full video pretty much out of nowhere. Or at least it seemed that way. In this era of five-years-in-the-making mega-productions, we checked in for a quick chat with the video's creator Dan Wolfe.

How long had this Antihero video been planned? It seemed like it just appeared overnight.
Actually, we'd been working on it for about three years. But there wasn't some grand vision; it was just about documenting what really happens. Less is more; anti-hype I guess?

Is it refreshing to work on something with a quick turnaround like that Vs. say a five-year-in-the making project?
Yeah, for sure.  I love an epic, full-length skate video, but sometimes the weight of those is just too much.

What were the major portions of the footage from? Just a few road trips?
Probably about six or eight trips, I went on four or five of them, and then just Bay Area stuff. Montana was a big trip, and the team goes somewhere in the Pacific Northwest at least once a year.

Compare rolling with the Antihero crew to say filming for Nike’s Nothing But the Truth back in ’07 (pre-recession).
Working with Nike was an experience, it helps to see things from all perspectives, but in the end I prefer light and lean. Sometimes the really big groups and busses just bog down motivation. There is nothing worse than too many cooks in the kitchen.

Did you film the Gerwer hill bomb? If so, how gnarly was that in person? Has anyone else tried to bomb that thing?
No, the hill bomb was filmed by Jeremy McNamara and Tim Fulton. I don't think anyone has ever tried to bomb that hill.

Favorite clips from the video?
A lot of the Grant (Taylor) stuff, he just looks like he's floating. Skating seems so easy for him.  I also really liked the kickflip that Julien (Stranger) filmed of Grant at Soma in the intro, plus his San Francisco stuff. It's cool to see him in the streets. I love when the old lady elbows Grant too.  Raney (Beres)'s smith at Hood River, and Robbie (Russo)'s flow.

Can we expect more surprise videos from Deluxe? What is your next project?
We are constantly working on stuff at Deluxe. I'm not sure what will trickle out next, something Krooked? A lot of riders are focused on the Vans video next. We'll see.

Grant Taylor, indy in Idaho. Photo / OWENS

Grant Taylor, indy in Idaho. Photo / OWENS