On The Radar: Dustin Henry

Joining Mark Del Negro, Dustin Henry shows up On The Radar with some original flows caught on memory card.

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Where are you from? Where are you living?
I’m from Calgary Alberta, Canada. It's right above Montana. I'm living back and forth between Calgary and Vancouver BC. I’m hoping to move out to Montreal next summer.

How long has this edit been in the works?
It's was over the course of three trips. It's been a year or two, all from trips I've went on and with people I've met down there [California] that film HD. The SF stuff was from a trip I'd done with Quiksilver. I'd had also gone down to the L.A. area two other times just to get away from the winter.

Who'd you film with?
It's a lot of mixed footage.  Dave Ehrenreich filmed all the SF stuff. All the stuff in LA is with filmed David Serrano and various friends. There's also a lot of stuff with Chris Thiessen too.

What other videos can people check out if they’re backing the flavor?
Bacon's made this video called Serenity Now. It's online. He's made a few others you can find on his YouTube channel.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Bacon's got another video coming out, so I'll be having a new part in that. I’ll have some stuff in the new Dime vid and in Jake Kuzyk's video Civic Affair too. I just went on a trip down the east coast, it was the best. New York, Philly, Boston. So fun. It was a Vans Canada trip with Russ [Milligan], Antione [Asselin], Joey [Larock], Ben [Blundell], and Riley [Boland]. They’re will be an edit coming out from that.

Shout outs? Who’s been hooking you up?
Family, friends. Cliché, Vans, Spitfire, Filmbot grip, and The Source skate shop.

Video edited by Cory McNeil [Bacon]. Filmed by Dave Ehrenreich, David Serrano, and Chris Thiessen.