Rampage: Total Destruction

Rampage: Total Destruction


GameCube/PlayStation 2

** (2.5/5)

Overview: Two 20th anniversary remakes in the same issue? Trippy.

Gameplay: George the ape, Ralph the wolf, and Lizzie the lizard are back-with 27 new monster friends to wreak havoc with. Total Destruction still has that classic Rampage feel, but things are now in 3-D, there are way more cities to destroy (Vegas and Hong Kong, to name a couple), and the ways to topple a building are so infinite that even Osama Bin Laden would be jealous. One major downside, however, is the repetitiveness: The cities (levels) don’t look like the real-life locations at all, and the majority of building you’ll be kicking, punching, and roaring to death look very similar, regardless of the metropolis you’re playing in.

Graphics: The $19.99 price tag is a steal, but you’ll sacrifice gameplay depth and, of course, graphical integrity. Think of Total Destruction less as the generational leap from Rampage, and more as a modern-day homage to the past.

Sound: Remember that roaring I mentioned? You can now rattle nearby buildings without even touching ’em. But remember that price tag I mentioned? Don’t expect audiophile quality here.

Entertainment: Older gamers will be psyched. Younger gamers, especially if they never played the original, will not.-Gamey Thomas