Reel Talk – Chris Gregson’s “Lawless”

Sure, he's been ripping all year, but Chris Gregson has filmed and edited Lawless in that time as well. We caught up with him on the balance between filming and skating and his future behind the camera. Keep your eyes peeled for some wheelchair follow cam lines. —Luke Callahan

On top of his camera work in Extremely Sorry ['09] and Stay Gold ['10],
Chris can now add this kickflip tail grab over the channel to his portfolio. PHOTO / RHOADES


You're sentenced to solitary confinement for a year and you can only bring one clip from Lawless with you. Which is it?
[Laughs] Uhh… I like Mason Merlino's line at Jordan Hoffart's bowl [19:55]. That was probably the scariest clip I've ever filmed just not knowing if he was going to slam [in to me] or not.

Mason Merlino in Lawless [19:55]


That line was a stand out. There was a lot of great transition follow cam stuff in this video. Who have been some inspirational follow cam filmers for you?
Mike Manzoori is probably one of the best all-around filmers. He could bomb a gnarly-ass hill in SF filming fisheye or he could be on a vert ramp following me, then he'll be the best ledge filmer, he can just do it all.

You rip and film. Is it ever difficult to sit out of the session and behind the camera?  What's the stoke managment technique?
If I want to skate a spot, I'll get out and skate first and get one of my friends to film me on my camera. But when I worked for Flip that was tough because I'd go to the most epic spots ever and at the time, that was my job, I had to take it seriously and not skate. That's kind of why I film for fun now.

"When I can't walk anymore, I can fully sit in a wheelchair and film my friends skating."


Stay more focus on skating. What's news on that front, you've got a few sponsors right?
Yeah, I just got on KR3W recently. It's sick to be a part of something that legendary. I just got on C1RCA, Lanny [Rhoades], Kirby and Ry-Rey [Ryan Reyes] hooked it up. And Blood Wizard's killing it. We're going on a Japanese Blood Wizard trip at the end of the month, so that'll be insane.

Where do you see yourself going with filming?
I want to try and stay in skateboarding, I feel like filming is a good fall back for that. When I can't walk anymore, I can fully sit in a wheel chair and film my friends skating.


Chris Gregson’s custom VX, painted by Aaron Burgundy

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