Ricky Geiger Pusher Wheels Part and Interview

We’ve got another part from the Pusher Wheels video to debut. We hit up Ricky Geiger with a short interview to accompany it and he insisted writing his answers down on paper. Why not? There’re no rules to this online world. Piece the questions to the answers and enjoy.

1. Where are you originally from and where did you grow up skating?

2. So you spent some years with Listen Skateboards and had footage in the Viajeros Locos video, then a good seven or so years with 5boro. Who are you skating for now, who hooks you up?

3. How/when exactly did you end up in Pennsylvania and hook up with the Pusher crew?

4. What’s your day-to-day like out East?

5. How long did you film for this video and who are you been filming with normally?


6. Who’s in your regular skate crew these days? What do you enjoy skating the most?

7. Plans for this year?

8. Shoutouts?

Kickflip. Photo / Walt Wolfe

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