With the AYC Sails The Southwest video dropping on Monday, we wanted to get you juiced with some park clips from its trip. Check out Jaws, Riley Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Ben Nordberg, and Blake Carpenter, then scroll down for a group interview with the boys.

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Jaws: Who balls out harder? The Birdman or the Yacht Club?
I’m going to have to say the Yacht Club.  They ball out harder

Jaws: Are you on AYC or just a cabin boy?
Uh, I’m an affiliate of the club. Workin’ my way in.

Riley: Who impressed you the most on this trip and why?
Watching Nyjah nollie everything. That sixteen rail first try was pretty fuckin’ impressive.

Riley: What was the best Stevie Williams quote from the trip?
Him telling the game store dude to swap out the X-Box controller ’cause it was wack [laughs].

Ben: What spots from this trip would you recommend people seek out and skate?
The bank spot in Vegas is really fun [Ben’s phone then cut out].

Nyjah: Is an actual yacht purchase in your future? Why or why not?
I mean yeah, hopefully. No reason why I wouldn’t wanna buy one if I had the money.

Nyjah: What’s wrong with Jaws in the Instagram video you posted on the trip?
I think he’s like half zombie half human. Maybe that’s why he can jump down such big stuff.

Blake: Explain the pros and cons of traveling the American Southwest versus Florida.
The cons are bloody noses and no Publix. The pros are more handrails, no rain, and more weed.

Blake: Did your girlfriend make it out on this trip?
She did not.