Get the scoop on Riverside’s low key killer Braxton Powers. From working two jobs, to commuting out to the LBC to stack clips, Braxton is as hard working as they come. Check out his Roll Call and read a quick interview below.

What’s going on Braxton?
Just got off work, going to skate Hope Skatepark.

Is that out in Temecula?

What’s your day job?
I have two jobs. I’m a special ed assistant at an elementary school. The other job is an after school program, I teach kids how to skate. We have a shed full of ramps that we pull out.

How old are the kids?
From eleven to fourteen. Most of them have never skated before.

Would you have Forrest Edwards fill in as a substitute if you couldn’t make it?
Probably not.

When did you film all this footage with Chris Thiessen?
Over last summer.

Who have you been filming with lately?
I’ve been filming with Don Luong, I’ve been out in Long Beach, and my areas, like Riverside and Corona.

Do you have stuff coming out with the Tum Yeto camp?
Yeah, I just got on flow for Foundation. Hopefully I can save up some footage and come out with something.

Anybody you wanna shout out?
Shannon Fang at The Agency Boardshop, Don Luong, Jimmy Astleford, Mike Sinclair—that should do it.

Do you plan on staying out in Riverside or are you trying to move more coastal?
I’m saving up and I have time off during summer so I’ll hopefully make some moves.

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Video by Chris Thiessen, interview by Blair Alley