Chad Poore has one of the starring parts in The Keepers, a new video out of Florida you'll be seeing on our site this Friday. Check out some sick lines and read a quick Q&A below. Buy The Keepers on DVD now!

Interview by Keith Gibb from Plus Skateshop

Chad, how old are you? How old do you wish you were? And how old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
I'm 22, wish I was 21 and I stopped believing when I was eleventeen.

So The Keepers is done, are you satisfied? Do you think you will be seeing an influx of Instagram followers from this?
Yeah, wish I could have filmed a little more for it but that would have required less partying. So yeah, for sure satisfied. As far as followers go, I lose them more than I gain them, but that's cool.

Do you think you could hold a handstand for longer than your video part?
No, but I could probably do one for longer then this Roll Call. It's only a few clips right?

Yeah I think you got it. If you could have had one guest clip in your part who would it be, and what trick would you want them to do?
John Cardiel with any trick.

How many nights a week do you sleep in your own bed?
Only a couple.

What's up with your switch flip?
Absolutely nothing.

[Laughs] Before you go, any last words?
Do it live.

Check out The Keepers trailer and 5 Trick Fix.