We caught up with this Portland loc to find out the current state of Burnside and his Best Of Portland in case you’re planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest.

Interview by Blair Alley

What's the state of Burnside?
It's kind of depressing man, it's a sore subject. They're fucking our shit up, they're building a 23-story highrise where our parking lot used to be. We have no parking lot anymore. The construction site's fence is creeping closer and closer to our skatepark, they tore some of our stuff in the parking lot out. Their fence is almost on top of our pyramid.

No way.
It's pretty crazy. They're building retail space, office space. I went to the city meetings and they're trying to cooperate with us, but we'll see when the building is up if they'll let us build up to their building like they're telling us.

Hopefully the park will outlast the condos.
Hopefully they can be some nice neighbors, because we can be even worse neighbors.

They're going to have a rough time selling and renting the condos if they're not cool with you guys! I want to get your Best Of Portland, say if someone was coming up for a weekend, what are the must-see and must-do spots?
Best park, of course Burnside, you gotta go there, that's a must. Strip clubs, definitely Sassy's, it's close to the bridge, good food there too, it's kind of ironic. There's good food anywhere. A really good sandwich spot I like to go to is Shut Up And Eat. There're lots of good nature spots, like waterfall spots. I'd take you out to Multanomah Falls, go see some scenes out in the gorge. Get away from Portland for a second, see some trees—some non-California scenery.

Yeah [laughs].
Then we'd probably wrap it up at one of the nice bars in Southeast [Portland] that I frequent, the Night Light. All my friends and I usually go down there.

Is Southeast the best part of Portland right now?
That's where I live right now. I make it over the bridge a little bit. Raybourn lives over there so I venture over there and hang out with him a little bit. But I usually keep it on this side of the water.

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