Welcome to a new feature on the site: Roll Call. Similar to the mag, it’s a short interview to get you acquainted with the subject. Only here, you’ll get a banging street clip too. First up, Blind’s newest rider, Cody McEntire: Check out his line, then read a Q&A below. See Cody’s part in Blind’s Damn… out now on iTunes and DVD!


How did you end up getting on Blind?  
I’ve known Weiss for a while because we worked together on the Digital Smoke And Mirrors video. I was always stoked on how down he was for skating. One day I called him and told him I was really stoked on Blind and just wanted to see if anything would be possible with it. A few weeks later we sat down and talked and it worked out. It was crazy how fast it happened. I’m glad it all worked out because now I feel like I’m exactly where I want to be.

How much time did you get to film for Damn…?
I got about four months to film for damn, however I was also filming a Real Street part for ESPN so it was pretty stressful finishing up both at one time.

Who has your favorite part in Damn…?
Honestly, I like everyone’s part. I feel like the team is so diverse that everyone has something different to add to the video. Plus Manzoori did an amazing job putting it together.

Music listened to while filming for Damn…?
A lot of Buddy Guy and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

What’s your next video project?
I’m doing some things with Vox and Silver trucks for some new stuff they have coming out.

Filmed by Shane Darnell