Roll Call: Dolan Stearns

Check out this heavy HD footage Chris Thiessen stacked with Dolan Stearns and a quick interview below about what he’s been up to. Peep Dolan and the rest of the lurkers in Meet The Lurkers if you haven’t already, and check out his Brain Floss in our August Am Issue.

For starters, what have you been up to this summer?
This summer I’ve just been working, filming another VX part, doing art stuff, getting ready for my first solo show, so I’m pretty hyped on that. Just staying busy pretty much. Good summer so far.

How was the process of filming for Meet The Lurkers?
The filming for MTL wasn’t that bad. I’d already been filming for a little while before we even decided to start filming for the viedo. Times were hard though with any viedo part you’re filming for, getting broke off, being sore for a week after a couple days of heavy skating, but it’s always in good fun just skating with the lurkers.

Who has your favorite part in Meet The Lurkers and why?
Dang, that’s a hard one, I think everyone killed it for sure. But probably BK [Brendan Keaveny] or David [Cobb]’s parts. BK’s part was just insane, I was there on most of those tricks that went down and just to watch him do that shit is insane. BK should’ve been pro years ago [laughs]. And David’s part just because he pulled it together like the last week of filming, which I thought was pretty rad getting some pretty heavy tricks, and just because David’s a G. His style kills it. Oh yeah, also Mike Abarta, he gets buck on them railslides.

What skaters inspire you the most?
This is also a hard one, there’re so many good skaters out there today with cool style. But I really enjoy watching Alex Campbell, Dylan [Rieder] is always good to watch as well as Austyn [Gillette]. Just skating with friends too. It’s always good to have a good dude to skate with to hype you up.

What’s a typical day in San Diego like for you?
Let’s see. Wake up around 4 [a.m.] because the cat wants food, go back to sleep ’til 8 [a.m.] or so. Make some coffee, sourdough baguette, pesto, tomato with avocado. Then I might draw a little, instalurk. Then I’ll skate to work and paint for a couple hours, cruise back home do some more art. Maybe go skate around some more. Get a Cali burrito. Do some more art. Then get a beer and chill with the gal and do some art, maybe tattoo myself [laughs]. Pretty typical day right there.

How did you get into doing artwork?
I’m not sure really how I got into doing art. I just remember always drawing when I was in school and I never stopped since. I love that stuff [laughs]. Heck yeah, LBFK.

Video and interview by Chris Thiessen, photo by Cameron Strand