Catch up with Tennesse transplant Fletcher Renegar, one of the stars of Headcleaner, with some smooth lines and a Q&A.

Where are you from and where are you living right now?
I’m from the East Coast, small town near Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve lived on the Georgia/Tennessee boarder my whole life. I’m currently living in Long beach California right now. My buddy Jr and I road tripped out out here little over a month ago, we’ve been couch surfing since we got here.

What's your take on your part and Headcleaner as a whole? Have you seen it yet?
Honestly I’ve not seen anything from it yet, so it’ll be a surprise. I’m really excited to see it, we’ve all had great times filming for it. It’s an honor and a blessing to have a part in the same video as these East Coast legends and friends I’ve looked up too since I was a young buck. Headcleaner to me is pure skateboarding, keeping it original, skating for fun and for the love of it, self expression, doing what makes you happy on a skateboard. Everything is a spot, the world is your playground. Relate Wu-Tang to skating!

When and where did you film for your part?
We started filming in Long Beach for fun around September 2014 to January 2015. It wasn’t until December that we knew it’d be for a video, which developed into Headcleaner. We basically only skated Long Beach, San Pedro, and a little bit in Atlanta. Lots of good times.

Is the full length video still alive and well in 2015?
Yes, it’s steady breathin’!

Who's hooking you up right now? Sponsors?
Thankfully I’ve been getting support from Comfort Skateshop, Element (flow), Converse (flow), and Bones Wheels throughout the years. They keep me rollin’.

Any other upcoming projects? You filming for anything else?
Yes, trying to get an apartment soon, it’s tough. Element video in the works soon. Would love to keep the ball rolling with Headcleaner after this video, more fun times to come.

Who's gonna have the best part in Headcleaner?
That’s a tough one to answer, if I name one I name all.  I’m looking forward to everybody’s parts. Everyone killed it. James Coleman, David Clark, Brad Cromer, Taylor Nawrocki, Jason Spivey, Tyson Peterson, Jim Arnold, Glen Fox, Jimmy Lannon, and Danny Renaud! Can’t forget about the filmers, they did an incredible job. Chris Thiessen, Matt Creasy, Alex Rose, Bryan Reynolds. Good job yall!

Headcleaner premieres this Friday, May 29 in Long Beach at the Howl Event Space.