Next Headcleaner star up is Tyson Peterson. Watch a few lines and get to know a bit about him in the interview below.

Where are you from and where are you living right now?
I am from Snellville, Georgia, currently living in Melbourne, Florida.

What's your take on your part and Headcleaner as a whole? Have you seen it yet?
My part was awesome to film with Chris Thiessen, Matt Creasy, and Alex Rose—awesome people right there. No I have not seen my part, but can’t wait to see it as a whole.

When and where did you film for your part?
I started filming for Headcleaner in Long Beach, before I even knew it was going to be a video. Then I also filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

How was traveling to Atlanta with the HC crew to finish your part? Any cool memories?
It was amazing, the best times. One cool memory was we were in a gas station and there was a fight, all I could do is stand there and watch. Most of all just hanging out with everyone laughing and having good times.

Is the full length video still alive and well in 2015?
Yes, definitely!

Any other upcoming projects? You filming for anything else?
Just street skating, trying to get footy.

Who's gonna have the best part in Headcleaner?
I think everyone’s part is going to be amazing, but I can’t wait to see Brad Cromer’s. Style for miles.

Shout outs?
First off my mom, my grandmother Nana, Element skateboards, Spitfire wheels and Thunder Trucks. Also all my homies and my skateboard.

Headcleaner premieres this Friday, May 29 in Long Beach at the Howl Event Space.