Japhey Dow has one of the starring parts in The Keepers, a new video out of Florida you’ll be seeing on our site this Friday. Check out some sick lines and read a quick Q&A below. Buy The Keepers on DVD now!

Where are you from and where are you living right now?
I have lived in Rochester, New York my whole life.

What's your take on your part and The Keepers as a whole? Have you seen it yet?
No I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure John will do a great job.

When and where did you film for your part?
On a two-week Florida trip and a couple of weekend trips around upstate New York.

Is the full length video still alive and well in 2015?
Yes, I think there will always be place for full length videos.

Any other upcoming projects? You filming for anything else?
My friend Tim O’Rourke just finished his video called SOS, it’s filmed in only upstate New York and should be out soon.

Who's gonna have the best part in The Keepers?
Chad Poore.

Shout outs?
John Marello for putting this project together.

Check out The Keepers trailer and 5 Trick Fix.