Roll Call: Johnrob Moore

We caught up with one of the stars of A Happy Medium 3 and new pro for A Happy Medium skateboards (they surprised him at the Arizona premiere), Johnrob Moore. Check out a line from Johnrob and read a quick Q&A below.

How was the premiere vibe in AZ?
The vibe was awesome. The turn out was crazy and everyone that came out was super psyched. Some folks even flew in from London.

Did you know you’d be going pro at the premiere?
No man, it was a complete shock. Still setting in.

Did you travel much to film this part?
The majority was basically here (Phoenix), but we ended up taking a bunch of trips. We went to New Mexico, Colorado, Las Vegas, Tucson, and Cali of course.

Did you help pick your song?
No, Buster did, but they worked well so I was super down.

Do you have any other video projects coming up next?
Just web content for a while and eventually an online video project for the company.

Did you have a favorite part in AHM3?
John Motta. Hands down.

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Filmed by Buster O’Shea