Roll Call: Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk has been keepin’ it rolling all summer whether it be with the Asphalt Yacht Club, in our park, at the parties, or in the street filming for Shep Dawgs 4 among other video projects. Peep this line then scroll down for a quick Q&A.

How’s the reception of Asphalt Yacht Club been now that it’s out and everyone knows who the team is and has seen the gear?
I haven’t talked to too many people about it. The kids are stoked on it and want to buy the stuff, and that’s really important for the company.

How was the launch party? It looked pretty fun.
Yeah, it was super random. Just a bunch of celebrities and stuff, it was pretty funny.

Were you stoked on any of them? Did you meet them all?
No I didn’t meet any of them. I was just cruising around. There was a pool table there so I was just playing pool.

I saw that you have one of your designs on a signature piece.
Yeah, they said if I want something on a shirt I could draw whatever. So I drew some doodles and sent them over. They had a graphic designer fix ’em up and put them on a shirt and a sweatshirt. I was pretty stoked on that.

Was that your first time designing apparel?
Yeah, pretty much.

What does AYC not make but need to?
Probably socks [laughs]. Every skate company should make millions of socks and send everyone a hundred socks a month. I go through them so quick.

It’s the most valuable thing on a trip.
It seriously is. Every time before I go on a trip, I go to Wal-Mart and buy a ten-pack just so I have them.

It makes your life so much easier. Just throw them away every day.

When is Shep Dawgs 4 coming out?
It’s gonna be done in December. It’s lookin’ pretty gnarly. Everyone’s footage is super good. I was gonna hit you up to see if you wanted to do another premiere at TransWorld.

Hell yeah, Shep Dawgs 3 was the most crowded premiere we’ve had.
It was so shocking. But yeah, Shep Dawgs 4 is gonna be sick.

Filmed by Jacob Nunez, interview by Blair Alley