Catching up with Rob Gonyon on the New York Knicks, Paris, the upcoming 5boro NYC video, and camo pants.

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Where were you the night that the [NBA] season ended for the [New York] Knicks?
I was hanging out with Tombo. I believe we were at my house. They lost, but we knew it was coming. So we weren’t really surprised. It’s a downer man. It’s definitely a downer. I stopped watching basketball after that. I’m not paying attention to what’s going on right now.

What difference would it have had on the upcoming 5boro video if the Knicks were in the Finals?
Now that we have no more games to watch I think we’re focused more on the video. Right now, it’s crunch time and there are no distractions. Me and Tombo, we would end the session early sometimes to watch the game. Now we’re just skating constantly.

The last time we talked, the 5boro crew was on their way to Paris for a filming trip? How was France?
France was amazing yo. It was a new experience. I actually hurt myself a week before we left. So the whole time we were there I couldn’t really skate, but it was still super fun. You can walk around with a beer in your hand, which is a plus. It was a culture shock.

Because you were hurt you got to take in some more of the sights. What were some of the biggest differences that you noticed between Paris and NY?
The food they eat. If you wanted to eat good you had to spend big bucks. In New York, you don’t really need much money to eat to good food. There’s not like a bodega on every corner over there.

Who’s got the heaviest timeline right now for the upcoming 5boro video?
That’s a tough one. That’s a tough one. I have to go with Jordan though. Jordan is a powerhouse. He’s killing everything.

Can the video premiere gamblers put their money on him closing it?
I don’t want to say anything that’s not supposed to be said… I’m not completely sure, but I’d put my money on Jordan.

Trahan and Gonyon in the '20 Questions with 5boro NYC’ article from the June issue.


Last [Willy] Akers sighting?
Holy shit, that’s a good question [laughs]. Shit, the last time I saw Askers… That’s a really good question.

Any sign of another Bronze video in the future?
Definitely. I’ve been skating with those dudes a lot lately, on top of with Tombo. It’s in the works but we don’t have a date or anything. We’re stacking footage and having fun.

Who’s hooking you up right now?
I’m getting stuff from 5boro, DQM skate shop, Nike flow, Gold Wheels flow, and Dickies flow.

How many different pairs of camo pants do you have?
Shit, I’ve toned it down on the camo pants after getting Dickies. I only have one pair on ice right now. I’m waiting for the right day in the summer to break ’em out.

It’s safe to assume you’re not watching the game tonight? Who would you rather see take the series?
I don’t want to see the [Miami] Heat win, I’ll tell you that [laughs].

Shout outs?
Definitely shout out to 5boro and my family. My fucking homies. The Bronze homies. And my chick… And any one else I forgot.

Interview by Luke Callahan

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