We caught up with Tommy Fynn to see how he’s resting up after DC‘s Tour through Asia. Here he fills us in on his next project, upcoming Australian homie videos, and whose footage he’s looking forward to seeing in the DC In Asia tour video. Check out the full edit tomorrow on twskate.com.

Filmed By Leigh Bolton. Interview by Luke Callahan

What's been going on back in Australia since the DC Asia tour?
I've been home for about two months now. I've just been chilling with family and catching up with everyone.

You were in the US for a while before the tour. How long were you away for all together?
I was in the States for three or four months and came home for a couple of days and the went straight to Asia.

Were you hurting after both trips back to back?
I was pretty sore. I was jumping on a rolled ankle and stuff so it's been good to come home and relax for a bit and see family. I've just been skating locally with the homies. I've been doing physio and stuff. I'm feeling good now.

What are you filming towards right now?
I'm working on a Stereo video part that will come out on the Ride Channel. That will come out in the next two or three months.

The DC In Asia tour video is going live tomorrow. Whose footage are you most hyped for?
Chris Cole got a lot of stuff. I'm looking forward to his stuff. CJ's stuff too. I'm looking forward to the whole edit.

Fingers crossed to catch a glimpse of Wes Kremer’s switch 360 flip.
That would be so sick if that was in there. That was ridiculous. He did that like, fourth try or something. It's a huge 13 stair. It was hard to ollie down.

Any Australian videos coming out that we should be keeping our eyes open for?
The Hype Squad Video should be coming out soon. Check that one out for sure.