With the Turkey section of Fallen’s Road Less Traveled live, we’ve got some extra morsels of footage for you to chew on. Tony Cervantes got a line at night and Josh Harmony backed him up by day. We caught up with Harmony on the phone to get the low down on skating Turkey, why or why not you should go, and how his Aussie accent is coming along.

Was this your first time to Istanbul?
Yeah, it was.

What’s that place like, and what’s it like to skate there?
It was kinda hard to skate there. It’s a really touristy kinda place. There were so many people. It has a really high, dense population. But it was fun, the spots were weird. There were some plaza-type spots with ledges and stuff. It was also just pretty crusty.

There were some hero citizens trying to kick you out of spots. Were they similar to the people who do that in The States?
It was similar, but it was strange because everybody else seemed to be into it. Everyone wanted to see Tommy Sandoval do that trick. It’s not everyday you see a caveman trying to backside flip over a hubba. The guy took it upon himself to be a dick about it. He was some sort of undercover agent for someone. He had a badge and a gun, he was kind of scary.

The Turkish Austin Powers.
[Laughs] Totally.

So would you recommend skaters go to Istanbul to try and skate, or just go with your lady and be a tourist?
Might be a better girlfriend spot, but there was another city that we visited in Turkey called Ankara, and that city was amazing. There were a lot of spots there. I would recommend going there. But you need someone to guide you, there are some weird cultural things—it’s just different out there.

Could you get in trouble for being American or speaking English?
I wouldn’t say I got in trouble, but there was one time I ran into the bathroom at a train station to take a piss, and some guy followed me in there. When I was in the bathroom, the guy kinda cornered me and started yelling at me, but I didn’t know what he was saying. He was just shouting at me in my face. I just darted around him and ran out of the bathroom, which sucked because I didn’t even get to take a piss and we had a long drive. Just weird stuff like that would happen. People would harsh you for whatever reason. I assume it’s because I’m American, I try to keep it low key, keep my tattoos covered up, try not to offend anyone. Sometimes they would think we were from Australia, and they were really friendly if they thought we were from Australia [laughs], but when they knew we were from The States, people would be lame. Whenever I’d order food from places, I’d try to keep it a mystery in some way.

Speak with an Australian accent at all times?
Yeah. G’day mate!

What do you think of the final edited video? Is it a pretty good representation of skating in Turkey?
Yeah, Mike did a beautiful job. Watching the whole video is bitter sweet for me, because I had this really bad hip injury and surgery, so riding in on the roof and dropping on to that hubba, that was the first trick I got after a major surgery on my hip. I didn’t know if my body could handle anything. But I’m thankful I was able to be a part of it. I think Mike did an awesome job, all the shots are beautiful and the interviews are cool.

Filmed by Mike Gilbert. Interview by Blair Alley