Check out this Tyler Surrey line from the upcoming Sk8mafia x Sweet video STEE in shops next Monday June 17. Read the online Roll Call interview and get ready for our exclusive Javier Sarmiento and Erik J Pettersson part dropping on the site Monday!


How long did you film for STEE?
Basically since the last video, so about a year and a half.

What locations did the ‘Mafia travel for this video?
We had Sweet as the European/Scandinavian connection so we got to do some sick trips. We did a trip through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, then back through Scandinavia to Norway ending in Sweden. Also they came to San Diego and we did a little Vegas trip.

I heard you were in the lab editing—what did you have your hands on creatively for this video?
I don’t deserve any credit. I put a few clips in place in the credits timeline—haha. It was all Dan [Connelly] and Nick [Lamm] powering through it.

How did you end up sharing a part with Gustav?
Each part is shared by one Mafia dude and one Sweet dude. We just got paired up together in the end.

Do you have a favorite part in the video?
Javi and EJP’s part without a doubt. I can’t even explain. They’re just good homies with two of the illest styles and control and they only compliment each other even more having a part together.

Best memories of filming for STEE?
Just the epic travels filled with epic memories for life.