As we get ready for the online premiere of Jake Kuzyk’s Civic Affair tomorrow, we check in with Ben Blundell on the subjects of rocket kickflips, jumping on art installations, and future projects. –Luke Callahan

Video by Jake Kuzyk / Photo by Keith Henry

Where are you from and where are you living right now?
I'm from Calgary [Canada] and I'm living in Calgary, again.

How long were you in Vancouver? How long did you film for Civic Affair?
Tyler [Warren] moved out to Vancouver from Calgary first and was living with Jake [Kuzyck]. We kind of all just left Calgary together for the summer and started filming with Jake, and it just started I guess. I was there for a year. I think it was two summers.

We're you filming for anything else while you were out there?
I filmed for that Antisocial video (“welcome to Antisocial or whatever”, embedded below) and then just the Civic Affair video too. That's it.

What do you do for work?
I'm a bike messenger right now. In Calgary.

Does that tire you out to skate? Are you beat after work?
I’m part time. I only work in the mornings. I got the whole afternoon off so it's been pretty chill to go skate after work.

What's up with the soggy rock zone you're jumping around on in the video?
That's on this one corner that they do these monthly art… I don't even know what it is. There's always something so weird built there. That one was like a bunch of broken rocks on top of tarps filled with water. It was pretty cool to jump around on.

In your intro to your part there's a clip of you asking if your kickflip was “rocket as fuck?" Are you sensitive to that topic?
[Laughs] No. But, sometimes they go pretty crazy rocket. It's hard to level them out. Sometimes it's too crazy.

Who's helping you out right now? Sponsors?
Krooked and Spitfire, from Supra [Distribution]. Vans Canada and Antisocial.

Any other upcoming projects coming up? You filming for anything else?
I'm working on a video with Bacon [Cory McNeil] again in Calgary. I think he's going to put a video out near the end of summer. It's going to be pretty sick. It's basically another Serenity Now.

Shout outs?
Everyone that was in Civic Affair. Jake for making it.

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Ben Blundell "welcome to Antisocial or whatever":