The stoke from transition skating is a slightly different strain from the rush you get on the streets. Basically the same drug but with a different delivery method. Some of us need to taste the sidewalk first; Ronnie Sandoval needed to taste the carve. After witnessing Robbie Russo pump Channel Street, in an instant he went from skateboard dabbler to skateboard junkie. In the years of addiction since, he jumped from shop-sponsordom and almost flow to having his frontside invert celebrated by luminaries of the '80s vert golden age, a full am spot on Gonz's Krooked, and a sacred slot on the official Lakai roster. Not to mention heavy and durable backing from Dickies, membership to the Doomsayers end times Club, Spitfire thane, and Ace Trucks. For the record, here's his Am Issue video part.-Mackenzie Eisenhour