Matching up with Rowan’s gnarly Check Out in our November 2013 issue, here is his newest video part from the local SD joint Footage Party by Mike Bricke. Pick up a copy here and check out promos and leftover footage on Mike’s YouTube page. We’ve also teamed up with Rowan’s sponsors to bring you this prize pack for the occasion!

Age: 18
Home: Vista, California
Sponsors: Baker (flow), Vans (flow), Independent, Pig Wheels, Happy Hour Shades

First setup: Shorty's Chad Muska.
Current deck size: 8.475 aka B-16.
Current wheel size: They start at 54s.
Video you can't wait to see: The Vans Video.
Best style: Taylor Smith.
Last skate gimmick that made you laugh: None make me laugh, they all make me sad.
Skate product that changed your life: Griptape gum.
Last addition to your bucket list: I've gotta learn how to invert.

I just went on a Vans trip with this kid, and I can say that in my life I’ve never seen anything like the light that shines around this kid when he skates. Nothing is forced, technical and tranny, this is kid is the future. You heard it hear first, ladies and gentlemen, Rowan.—Dustin Dollin

Photo by J-Hon