Towering at almost 400 feet tall and 26 feet wide, the giant structures created in a factory in Asturias, Spain are the perfect playground for Ryan Sheckler, Danny León, Alex Sorgente, and Zion Wright. "I have always paid attention to these giant structures and how amazing it would be to skate them", Spanish skater Danny León commented. The factory is located 300 miles from his hometown, Madrid.

Because of Danny's dream, the four of them flew to the heart of Asturias to skate all over the 45 tons of steel that will eventually become wind turbines that can create energy for the whole world. They were able to skate on the steel in its different forms: first as steel pallets then after it is curved, becoming similar shape to that of a half pipe. "We've turned this factory into our personal skate park. We were like little kids in a candy shop", said Ryan Sheckler.