Quite possibly one of THE dopest Skate Hoarders that we know—Wes Kremer’s room is filled to capacity (and then some more) with hundreds of thousands of gems, large and small, each with a story of their own.

So you can imagine that walking into Wes’ room is like walking into a skateboarding time machine. From his vast VHS skate video collection, to a wide-ranged board collection (very wide-ranged), all the way to a peace pipe from Machu Picchu, currency from different countries, empty water bottles that once contained foreign wine (seriously, haha), posters and ripped-out magazine pages from the past decade and beyond and so much more. This episode of SkateHoarders, led by Krusty K himself, might possibly be the best episode yet! Wait no more. Press play and get a tour of Kremer’s childhood room.