Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders




Overview: The evil Dr. Eggman challenges Sonic to a hoverboard Grand Prix, so sit back, relax, and watch Sonic strap on and go to work.

Gameplay: I’m not sure where the idea of hoverboarding came from, but this game is just as dumb. The Grand Prix is a series of courses full of floating rails, highways, and golden rings. Granted, Sonic Riders is meant for a much younger audience, but the tricks don’t take any skills at all, so if you’re looking for an easy victory, push buttons at random and watch yourself take the win.

Graphics: It has your typical Sonic The Hedgehog look-cartoonish and blue.

Sound: Bad techno with electric-guitar solos.

Entertainment: If you consider forcing yourself to play a game as entertainment, then this is it.-Daxter Lussier