South Philly Bowl, DIY Spot Supply

The South Philly Bowl is one of those spots where an incredible reputation precedes the spot. Almost everyone in the City of Brotherly Love and beyond knows the tricks, the clips and the photos that have been produced in a windowless warehouse just off the beaten path. Scott Kmiec and Andrew Laputka were good enough to open the doors to Red Bull Spot Supply over the summer.

A ramp that is part engineering feat, part art installation, the South Philly Bowl fits perfectly into its tight warehouse. Vert ramp transition, bowled out corners, wallrides, and even a street course style pyramid, create a flow that's taken years to design and produce.

Andrew Picco_Rock and Roll

Andrew Picco, rock n roll.

Andrew Walker_Feeble

Andrew Walker, feeble.

Chris Gedney_Bonless Disaster

Chris Gedney, boneless disaster.

Kyle Nicholson_Tuck Knee

Kyle Nicholson, tuck knee.

Pat Guidotti_Lipslide

Pat Guidotti, lipslide.

RB_Philly (4 of 16) RJ DeLuca_Nose Grind

RJ DeLuca, nosegrind.

Photos / Taylor Galloway

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