Star Wars Battlefront II

Lucas Arts

PlayStation 2/Xbox


Overview: The sequel to one of the most popular Star Wars titles ever makes slight improvements on its already successful infantry team-based third-person shooter.

Gameplay: Playing as part of the infantry during land battles, you take out the opposition by capturing command posts or completing specific objectives depending on the single-player game mode. Because you’re part of the infantry, if you’re killed in battle, you’ll re-spawn as another player to continue. The space battles are of epic proportions: Jump into a choice of an X-wing, Y-wing, or a Tie Fighter to destroy the massive Star Destroyers, land in its hangar to sabotage the ship from the inside, or engage in a dogfight.

Graphics: Excellent quality with a great sense of scale in space and on the planets of Mos Eisley, Degobah, Naboo, Tatooine, Hoth, and others from all six movies. On land, jump onto beautifully modeled speeder bikes, AT-STs or AT-ATs. Act out your own Star Wars fantasy.

Sound: Orchestral soundtrack of theme songs from Star Wars flicks.

Entertainment: Highly entertaining. Could convert you into a Star Wars fan (if you aren’t already).-Eric Sentianin