Steadfast Die Last

Steadfast Die Last is about a group of friends from San Diego that all started skateboarding in the mid to late ’80s. We’ve all grown up now and became construction workers, sales men, entrepreneurs, haberdashers, mail men, mechanics, tattoo artists, designers, husbands, and fathers. But before we were any of those things, we were skateboarders. Cheers to all the old timers who never put away their wooden toy. Thanks for watching!

Skateboarders: June Cate, Scott Lancour, Kien Lieu, Jason Carney, Mario Negos, Crispin Alhambra, Tim Hardy, Bert Custodio, Mike Alzona, Kyong Kim, Mikey Hottman, Alyasha Moore, David Mckinnie, Russ Pope, Heavy Metal Rich, Danny Wallace, Brisk