Steve Perdue: Single Play/Video Check Out

Backing up his Check Out in our September 2012 issue, here’s Imperial Motion, Habitat, and Toebock Frontrunner Steve Perdue.
“Perdoin' it!" “Perdone,” “NPD (Never PerDone),” “Perdue for three." These are just few common words and phrases that often surround Steve. He is a modern Marlboro Man.—Adam Crew

Age: 22
Home: St. Charles, Illinois
Sponsors: Habitat Skateboards and Footwear (flow), Imperial Motion, Pig Wheels, Senior Member of the Toebock INdustries Alliance

Am who should be pro: Lee Yankou. Seeing him skate is mind-blowing.
Local shop that hooked you up: Yeah Boardshop in Bartlett, Illinois.
Best style: Nate Broussard. Wish there was more of his skating.
Video part that gets you ready to shred: I like to see people skating unique spots. That gets me motivated to get out there.
Last album listened to: I go through weird phases of music. I think the last album was Albert Hammond, Jr.
Dream sponsor: Indy. I'm really hyped to be getting Habitat boards and shoes.
Celebrity crush: Too many to mention.
Last lesson learned: Stay positive.
Favorite city: I was recently in New York for a few days, and it was amazing. I want to spend more time there.
Thing you would do if the world were ending: Same thing I'm doing now: travel, enjoy myself, spend time with friends and family.
Last good skatepark you skated: Arvada Skate Park in Colorado is the best park I've been to.

Filmed & edited: Toebock Media Group
Additional filming: Adam Crew, Ben Ericson, Alex Pennchica, Eric Seeman, Fletcher Bernt, Coltan Light

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