Today the first day of the SLS Nike SB Pro Open: Barcelona kicked off beachfront at the new Skate Agora plaza in Badalona. Evan Smith qualified first, so he and the rest of the top 8 go up against the SLS pros tomorrow where two of today's riders will be automatically promoted to the tour. The skater who finishes tomorrow on top will receive a golden ticket straight to the championship — The Street League Super Crown in Chicago. Check the photos!
Tune in to tomorrow at 5 a.m. EST to find out!

Today's qualifier results:

1. Evan Smith 30.8
2. Nassim Guammaz 30.0
3. Chris Joslin 29.9
4. Cody McEntire 29.4
5. Moses Adams 29.0
6. Youness Amrani 28.7
7. Louie Lopez 28.6
8. Ryo Sejiri 27.5