The 2016 SLS Women's Super Crown is now in the books with Lacey Baker taking first place, Leticia Bufoni finishing in second, and Alexis Sablone finishing in third. Last year, Lacey Baker missed the podium at the first ever SLS Women's Super Crown. That must have been what fueled her to take this year's victory. From the time practice began this weekend, her skating indicated that her sights were on taking the top spot.

On the men’s side, you know by now that Shane O'Neill is the 2016 SLS Super Crown champion. Winning it was no easy feat. In order for him to emerge victorious in his fifth Super Crown appearance, he had to withstand a feverish final round of Best Trick attempts that featured a flurry of 9 Club scores. O'Neill has been on point virtually all tour. Earlier this year he won a Golden Ticket at the Tampa Pro contest and he took first at the SLS Nike SB Pro Open in Barcelona. Nyjah Huston took home second place, and Cody McEntire finished in third. The final results were up in the air for most of the contest with no clear-cut or established frontrunner. In prime SLS fashion, with every attempt taken the standings were shaken up.

1. Shane O'Neill – 36.4
2. Nyjah Huston – 34.6
3. Cody McEntire – 34.4
4. Luan Oliveira – 33.5
5. Paul Rodriguez – 31.9
6. Tom Asta – 31.4
7. Chris Joslin – 27.7
8. Ryan Decenzo – 19.1

1. Lacey Baker – 27.2
2. Leticia Bufoni – 26.3
3. Alexis Sablone – 24.6
4. Mariah Duran – 21.1
5. Aori Nishimura – 18.6
6. Alana Smith – 18.4
7. Pamela Rosa – 15.3
8. Monica Torres – 6.5

Words by Reggie Altema.

Video / @csholland Photo / @alex_papke