As you may know, Switzerland is stuck to France. As we (Rave Skateboards) heard about chocolate, Rolex Swiss movement and Roger Federer, we decided to cross the border and take a tip from our French compadres who went there to pay no taxes, but we went there to skate, which has absolutely no connection to the “tax optimization.” And as we love to use “as we” and to go further in our absurd Swiss trip motivations, Geneva seemed to be the nicest city for our purpose—flat bars, kinked marble hubbas, wavy sculptures, open-access school playgrounds and much more.

Alex Richard, rock to fakie. Photo: Julien Dellion

I don't want to spoil it too much, but I have to tell you this video contains a former electric longboard champion who's not really keen on wearing a helmet because ice skaters don't wear it, so why would he? A trick on a gazebo, a Swiss police officer making Ollies on duty (exclusive to the trailer but not contained in the video), a tribute to the French hardcore gabber scene from the 9.3.(Seine St-Denis), a broken fish-eye and a broken flash as well as a Guinness Swiss record of the longest handstand in a downhill.

To extract the essence of this video, Olivier “Boucle” Durou, as you may not know, joke connoisseur, found this delicate title, Swiss Ideal Tendencies. So please enjoy this skate “ballade” around Lake Geneva.—PJ Chapuis

Constantine Delmas, drop in 50-50. Photo: Julien Dellion

Swiss Ideal Tendencies features Fred Plocque Santos, Alex Richard, Pierre-Jean Chapuis, Paul Austin, Constantin Delmas, Olivier Durou and François Tizon.

Fred Plocque Santos, Ollie in. Photo: Clement Le Gall.

PJ Chapuis, wallie to backside lipslide. Photo: Clement Le Gall