When the cold rain hits in Oregon, every skater gets the road trip itch, so Tactics packed ten dudes in two vans for a winter getaway to the perpetually sunny skies of Southern California. We’d been hearing epic stories from Cody Lockwood for months as he filmed for Ty Evan’s The Flat Earth with a broken wrist full of pins, so we picked up the recently recuperated ripper and set our sights on the film’s world premiere in Los Angeles. With a short timeline and a packed schedule, we fried our brains on lengthy freeway binges and all-night street missions, making the most of short days and endless California concrete. From an Afternoon at the TransWorld Skatepark to classic schoolyard sessions, there was never a dull moment. Watch the video and check the photos to get fried on I-5.

In order of Appearnace: Noah Daniels

Wesley Brown

Austin Thonvivong

David Lobysuk

Drake Moody

Alex Lobysuk

Filmed and Edited by Sam Jorgensen

Additional Filming Ross Druckery