The Finals are never easy, but for the 25th Annual Tampa Am it was NEXT level. Peru, Portugal, Germany, and the USA all turned up the heat, but the Brazilians and Japanese took it to 11. In the end, Tampa Am delivered all of the stoke and drama it's famous for, and MORE.

Tampa Spot staple Marse Farmer takes the reigns during Semis.

Brazilian past Damn Am winner Lucas Alves gets a Tre Noseslide during the semi's.

The storm before the storm, Daisuke Ikeda puts down a Tre Lip.

Lotta Tres in, in the Finals.. Yukito Aoki gets amongst it.

Arthur Cordova powers thru with a Back Lip Fakie across the whole box.

Board control like no other, Jorge Simoes wrangles a Nollie 180 Switch Feeble.

And another one…. (Jorge Simoes)

Out for the kill Angelo Caro takes a F/S Blunt across the box.

Before semis come to a close Kaue Cossa handles this epic Wallride.

Remember Damn Am Of The Year, Maurio McCoy?? Yup, he's finally back in the mix.

Arthur Cordova comes thru with the Nollie Flip Noseslide Bigspin Out.

Marse and a few others proving Americans still can skate in the Finals!

Maurio McCoy back in!

Locked, Cocked, n' Loaded.. Jorge Simoes takes a Nosegrind to the brink.

One of the smoothest/calmest styles in the game, Lucas Rabelo glides a BSTS across the FB.

Another shot out to Arthur Cordova from coming out of practically no where and into the Finals!

Giovianni's Tailslide Pop-Out to flat was so cool.

Riding Spinnaz, Angelo Caro Back Threes into a Noseblunt Slide.

One last Tre Lip for the Gipper; Lucas Alves.

Daisuke Ikeda with his money gun, The Back 3 Flip Lip.

There's a new sheriff in town..

Thanks, Praise, and Shout to all the Japanese Skateboarders that made it out!

Taihou Tokura really comes up taking home a cool grand with the Bronson Speed Killer Award!

The Top 3: Angelo Caro 3rd, Lucas Alves 2nd, Daisuke Ikeda 1st!