Tapedeck: Louie Barletta

Louie Barletta‘s got a knack for always picking good music for his parts. Like many of us, a lot of Louie’s taste stems from artists he was turned on to through skate videos. From mixtapes recorded off the TV of Mike Carroll skating to Del, on up to his all-time favorite musical choice--Heath Kirchart to Joy Division. Get Louie’s take on why music is everything and why people start singing ‘Take On Me’ when they meet him for the first time.

Click to page 2 to watch some of Louie’s favorite video parts mentioned in the interview.

Heath Kirchart – Emerica "Stay Gold" section a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

Heath Kirchart, Stay Gold

Guy Mariano, Mouse

Jerry Hsu & Louie, Subject to Change

Gino Iannucci, Snuff

Caswell Berry, Bag Of Suck

Jason Dill, Photosynthesis