Tapedeck: Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk is a rock ‘n roll afficionado, so we sat him down in his vinyl and guitar-laden studio to get his take on music in video parts. He rifled off his top three favs and gave some insight into who he might be using for his upcoming Outliers part. His musical tastes range from the psych and classic rock you’d expect to the grimy rhymes of Brotha Lynch. So turn up the volume and get in tune with Riley, he’s no slouch on the guitar either.

Video by Parker Siglin and Chris Patterson. Photo by Blair Alley. Skate footage courtesy AYC and Carson Lee.

Click to page 2 to watch three of Riley’s favorite video parts that matched perfectly with the music.

Heath Kirchart, Sight Unseen, TWS

Jamie Tancowny, Strange World, Zero

Pat Burke, Radio Television, $lave