Raw, artsy, obscure. Sammy Montano explores the Balkans and its fallen monuments finding spots that have (most likely) never been touched by a skateboard until now. Learn a little more about the video from the director below.

TEMPLE is a conceptual monochrome short film, following skateboarder Sammy Montano on a journey through the Balkans and its fallen monuments.

It was essential to transcribe them with respect according to our vision, to spiritualize the expression of their magnificent forms, timeless aesthetics and monumental dimensions. Confronting them with skateboarding allowed us to animate this notion of freedom and exploration.

Sammy Montano places himself as a central witness, being both the representation of this quest but also its outcome. It represents the doubt that animates each of us in the face of the unknown and this constantly renewed desire to take step in search of the answers to our deepest beliefs.

This film is a personal art project, a pure reverence and tribute to these monuments, better known as Spomeniks and their legacy.

Learn more about these beautiful structures and the history of the people who built them via the Spomenik Database: spomenikdatabase.org/